DLNA HTML5 Remote User Interface

CableLabs is building a reference implementation of the DLNA HTML5 Remote User Interface (RUI) client. This free open-source project is developed in partnership with ARM, FXI Technologies, Cox Communications and others.

DLNA RUI functionality permits our browser to use UPnP discovery to locate and display HTML5-based remote program guides for viewing video and running other applications. Functionality includes support for CEA 708 Closed Captions, DTCP-IP, alternate audio/video tracks, server-side trick modes and more.

This implementation provides a custom Qt/WebKit browser for Ubuntu 13.10 with GStreamer 1.1. CableLabs is actively pushing our changes back into the open source community. The code is portable between most platforms, and has been ported to ARM-based devices.

Note: On October 1st, Qt switched from using WebKit to Google's Blink. Our Qt/WebKit browser uses the latest working WebKit version, but will not be kept up to date with more recent changes. We are actively porting our changes to GTK/WebKit, and will maintain that branch going forward.

CableLabs, in collaboration with Intel, is also working on developing open source client and server reference device implementations of the DLNA CVP-2 content guidelines. These guidelines enable service providers, worldwide, to offer their interactive program guide, linear programming as well as on demand services to DLNA devices. The client and server device implementations are being developed on linux PC platform and are based on open source components such as Rygel, dLeyna, GStreamer, etc. These reference devices plan to include support for MPEG-DASH, Diagnostics, Low Power management, Authentication features, as well as, baseline DLNA DMS and DMP/DMR/XDMR functionality with trick modes and DTCP-IP. The client reference device implementation also integrates DLNA HTML5 RUI reference implementation being developed by CableLabs.